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Frequently Asked Questions


Question : A lot of sellers offer financing for vending machines. Without knowing my credit history. Why would they do this?
Randy W., Fairfax, Virginia

Answer : I have found that sellers, who offer financing, sell their equipment at prices well above market price. After making a great profit on what they have sold you initially, it appears they then offer to sell you additional vending machines asking for the market price as a “down payment” and they “finance” their profit.

To me, it seems like a gimmick. A way to entice you to pay their inflated prices for your first order.

 I’d find the vending machines at the best price, and if I needed financing, then I’d use a credit card or borrow from a reputable source whose business is extending credit.


Question : Another locating service found me locations, but I had to remove many from stores, and others are not doing well.  It seems like there’s too many other vending machines out there. What should I do?
Kevin T., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Answer : I don’t know – until you tell me the type of vending machine you have and where your route is located.

There are areas where certain types of vending machines don’t work, because other vendors have covered that area well. But that doesn’t mean that area is bad for other types of vending machines.

Plus there’s areas where it’s hard to set up new vending routes now. Like northern MI and western PA.

Send me an email with details and I’ll get back to you.

It is possible that the locator you used didn’t know the type of stores, or neighborhoods, to locate your machines initially.

Question : Is it possible to start a vending route if I only have 5-10 hours free a week?
Cheyenne T., Dearborn, Michigan

Answer : Sure. For example, you could set up a route of 80 Wizards working 5-10 hours per week.
Each machine needs servicing only once a month. You could easily service 20 a week. Whereas, cranes and soda machines need weekly attention.

Above are just a couple of examples. With your available hours, your route size and income will depend on the type of vending machines you own.

Give me a call and let’s analyze your situation.


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