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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I need a contract with my locations?
“Gramps” David J. V., Ludington, Michigan

Answer : It depends on the type of vending machine you have. In general, contracts are used with snack and soda machines. A contract is merely a way to set out the terms that the parties are agreeing to. The use of a contract can often resolve issues that might arise later. I typically recommend having one.

But realize your contract will mean nothing, regardless of the words, if they don’t want you there. If you’re not servicing your equipment or not paying commissions timely, they will put your vending machine in their back room – or if it’s electrical, just unplug it.

You stay in a location by the way you conduct business. Not by a piece of paper.


Question : Do I need experience to start a new vending machine business?
Walter R., West Bloomfield, Michigan

Answer : No. This is a simple business.


Question : How much money do vendors make?
Marge F., Toledo, Ohio

Answer : That’s up to you. I know vendors that are satisfied earning $1,000/month, others who panic when their income drops below $20,000/ month.


Question : Do I have to sell or have sales experience?
Leland K., Mission Viejo, California

Answer : No. But if you do have sales experience, you will save money in locating fees if we contract for me to teach you how to locate. See the section: “Locator Training”.


Question : What machines would I make the most money with?
James T., Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Answer : Good question.

Claws (in most areas, but not all)
Coke or Pepsi machines
Video Poker “sweepstakes” machines – if they are legal in your area


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