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Quality vending machine placement at affordable rates

Placement throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Ohio, southern Michigan and northern Indiana.

We don't just look at our clients as a customer - we see a business partner and friend.

Quality vending machine placement through hard work, experience and professional service.

Vendor Locators knows Vending Machine Placement!


When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !


Serving Vending Machine Operators in the Multi-state and Capital areas

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We Know Vending Machine Locations !

Farmington Hills, Metro Detroit, Downriver, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Jackson, Rochester Hills, Livonia, Trot, Royal Oak - we will MATCH the IDEAL location with your vending machines.


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Kalamazoo Michigan

Redford - Wayne County

Brighton locations

Toledo Ohio

Lake Michigan placement

Mason - Okemos

Monroe - Flint

Farmington Hills MI

Battle Creek MI

Rochester Hills MI

West Bloomfield MI

Warren OH or MI

Canton MI or OH

Vending Machine Locator Business

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I be in the vending machine business part time?
Robert S., Cadmus, Michigan

Answer : The latest survey showed that 68% of all vendors are part time.


Question: How large is the vending machine business?
Valerie B., Wytheville, Virginia

Answer : Huge! It’s a 45 billion dollar a year business.


Question : Can I operate a vending machine business out of my home?
Tom K., Richmond, Virginia

Answer : Sure. I know a vendor in Richmond, VA who earns over $200,000 a year – and he still operates out of his home.


Question : Is there currently a need for new vendors?
Alan H., Indiana, Pennsylvania

In most areas – yes! Our population keeps growing, creating new businesses. However there are some areas in the states I service where I would not recommend one start a vending business. Like northern Michigan or western Maryland.

Email me at - - and let me know where you’d like to operate, and I’ll let you know how the market is there.


Question : How do I purchase vending machines?
Tony B., Chicago, Illinois

Answer : There are 3 good ways:

1 - Try Ebay.

2 - Buy from advertisers in Vending Times.

3 - Go to a trade show and buy from manufactures that will be there.


Question : What kind of insurance would you suggest for someone running a vending business?
Chuck S., Donora, Pennsylvania

Most vendors do not buy insurance. But with certain vending machines and/or if you build a substantial route – I would recommend liability insurance. Please consult your own insurance agent for the appropriate insurance coverage for your unique situation.

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