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Frequently Asked Questions


Question : Is there any advantage to placing vending machines in a large city ?
Jerry C., Farmington Hills, Michigan


Answer: In either the larger cities or certain smaller cities, there is a great chance for nice profits in a short amount of time.

But in a large city your vending machine route would typically allow placement of more vending machines per square mile. This allows you certain options not available in a smaller town.

The miles you would need to drive each day would likely be less, since you could locate your vending machines closer together. This would not only save you mileage and wear and tear on your vehicle. But more importantly, it would take less time for you to complete your daily work.

Since you are spending less time per machine - you have another option. Instead of working fewer hours, you could locate more vending machines. So choose between less time worked - or more cash coming in because of more vending machines on your route.

Another option you could consider is to work with fewer varieties or brands of vending machines. Since a Philadelphia might potentially have more available locations per square mile than an Altoona - you could locate more - say, Pepsi machines - in a smaller area. By doing this it would also help your learning curve for maintenance, since you'd have fewer machine types to understand. And another big thing ! Fewer product types means lower inventory you need to keep, fewer suppliers to deal with, less storage space and lower out-of-pocket dollars.


Question : I would like to move to an area where I can grow a nice vending machine business. Where would you suggest I move to ?
Dave V., Ludington, Michigan

I always tell people to live where they want to. Live where YOU and YOUR FAMILY would be most comfortable. Most areas will accomodate more vending machines, and more vending machine routes. It's a growing business !

Once you figure that out - THEN get more selective. Within the general area you chose - look at the cities and geographis where the best potential is. I can help you with that. Especially if you want to locate in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana Delaware or Washington DC. I know these areas best, because this is the general area where my family and I decided we wanted to live. I love these areas, and over the years I've learned a lot about what and where the opportunities are here.

Email me at - - and let me know where you would like to operate. I'd be happy to let you know where the market looks best.


Question : How long have you been locating vending machines?
Dennis B., Battle Creek, Michigan

Answer : Almost 15 years. And I'm still just as excited about helping my clients become successful as the day I started !



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