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Whatever your Product - we know where your customers travel !

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When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

Serving Vending Machine Operators in the Multi-state and Capital areas


District of Columbia








We Know Vending Machine Locations !

Northern Virginia, the Hampton Roads area, Philly, Metro Richmond, the D.C. Beltway, Poconos, the Baltimore to Washington corridor, Kalamazoo|Battle Creek locales - we will MATCH the IDEAL location with your vending machines.


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Arlington County

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White Water Rafting Areas


Reading PA

Vendor Locators Business Ethics

Ethics Statement

One of Vendor Locators' competitive strengths and advantages has always been the recognized fact that we are a very ethical business with integrity. We consider ourselves to be more than just another locator service. We hold ourselves to a high standard of business ethics as well.

Because Vendor Locators is quickly becoming a leader in the Mid-Atlantic vending machine locator field, we want to ensure our dedication to maintaining our fundamental principles of honesty, fairness and common sense. These attributes are at the heart of our company's values, philosophy and business approach. It is what makes us who we are.

These strong ethics standards form the basis of all of our business dealings. Our relationships with customers, staff and partners are built upon this foundation.

Actions which fall short of, or appear to fall short of, these standards diminish our business quality and effectiveness. They can only undermine our standards for excellence and ultimate success.

It is the responsibility of everyone at Vendor Locators to preserve, practice and promote the highest level of ethics in providing a useful service and in being a responsible citizen of the business community.

Successful long-term relationships are built through honesty, openness and fairness. Striving to maintain an ethical business on a daily basis evolves into an atmosphere of optimal practices routinely applied.

Sound ethics and an openness policy do not, however, translate into a requirement to divulge trade secrets or proprietary strategies or techniques. Intellectual property is a vital asset of Vendor Locators and deemed to be confidential. This knowledge is essential to our continuing success, and must be protected as such.

All aspects of our business fall under these ethics standards statement. And since our management and staff are the key to our success, so also are they the key to an ethical enterprise. Everyone is encouraged to foster an ethical environment at Vending Locations Today. And no one has the authority to require anyone to violate this code of ethical conduct statement.

Good, sound judgment is required. We will use this judgment to act in the best interests of our clients, and to operate within the law.

Quality customer service provided in an ethical business environment.

We are Vendor Locators!

And THIS is what we do!


Vendor Locators

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