Vendor Locators is not just different - we are not satisfied unless we are the best.




INTERVIEW the Locater who will build your route - BEFORE signing and agreement or sending any money !


We Know where your customers travel !


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Ask about our Vendor Locators Training Course. All locations found during training - FREE from our locator fee.


Warranty Protected Rebuilt Soda and Snack Vending Machines available for Wilmington DE - Baltimore MD - Washington DC - other locations.





When someone stands with you until the job is done - you call him your best friend.

When a company does this - it is called :

Vendor Locators !

Lemonade Vending

Vendor Locators

Nearly 20 years of experience

Only a 30% deposit

FREE Relocation if a location does not work out

You can interview your locator BEFORE you commit a dime

Concentration on the Geographies that YOU work in


Serving Vendors and Vending Machine Operators in the District of Columbia and the 7-state region

Delaware Locator

Washington DC Locator

Maryland Locator

Pennsylvania Locator

Virginia Locator

Michigan Locator

Indiana Locator

Ohio Locator

Volume Discounts Available

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We know where your customers travel !

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Entertainment Sites


Ask about our Vendor Locators Training Course. All locations found during training - FREE from our locator fee.

How Vendor Locators is different from other Locator companies.

Be a Successful Vending Machine Operator

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Vendor Locators understands what it takes to be successful in the Vending Machine business.


- Vendor Locators has been finding PRIME vending locations for nearly 20 YEARS !

- While our competitors demand 50% deposits UP FRONT - Vendor Locators understands the cashflow problems of our customers - especially new start-up vendors - and request only a 30% deposit.

- A reason why Vendor Locators has been in business for almost 20 years is that we realize that LOCATION is the single most important factor in creating a profitable vending machine route. For this reason - if you are dissatisfied with a location we have found for you - we will RELOCATE your machine FOR FREE in your next transaction.

- Unlike our competition, you can talk with and interview the locator who will actually be the one finding your vending machine locations. The other companies often have you talk with a salesman in an office that not only will be inexperienced, but will also NOT be the person partnering with you to find the ideal and customized spots that you deserve.

- While we sometimes accept assignments throughout the United States, we concentrate on an area of only 8 Geographies - PA, VA, DE, DC, IN, OH, MD and MI. Because of this, we stay current on trends and activity that can affect your success - like economic changes, traffic patterns, and product preferences by area.

- Vendor Locators offers training for vendors who want to learn the secrets to finding the best locations. And any and all locations found during our Locator Training is fee-free - included as a bonus of our training course.

- Vendor Locators can assist vendors in certain geographies in securing warranty-protected rebuilt soda and snack machines. These cost about half of what a brand-new machine would cost.

- Vendor Locators works diligently to provide excellent service and top quality results for our customers. We are not satisfied until YOU are satisfied.



If you would like Vendor Locators to assist you in finding the IDEAL location for your vending machines, please contact me. I KNOW where to place your machines.

If you email, let me know:

. Your name + cell phone #

- The type and number of vending machines you have

- The best time to call you and when you want to get started

I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I am in business to help you succeed !


Vendor Locators


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