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Wilmington Delaware

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Wilmington Delaware

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Wilmington Vending Machine Locations

Wilmington Delaware is the largest city in Delaware and county seat of New Castle County. Its population grows at about 1% per year. In 2000 the census showed around 73,000 people.

But more importantly, Wilmington is a key part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan region - the fifth largest region in the U.S. Philadelphia is the largest city in the Delaware Valley metro area. Other cities here include Camden NJ, and other cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. This metropolitan region has an estimated 5.8 million people as of 2006.

Let's take a look at the different locations around Wilmington Delaware :

City of Wilmington

Wilmington is a very diverse city with lots of different types of neighborhoods. There are three major areas which probably could summarize where the people live and work in Wilmington and the Wilmington suburbs.

First there is the part of Wilmington that falls west of I-95. There are neighborhoods of various ethnic backgrounds and income levels. I like neighborhoods such as Little Italy, with its many Italian Americans and their businesses - especially the Italian restaurants. One of the special places that I drive by is St Anthony of Padua's Church - parish to many nice residents of the area. And then there is Wawaset Park near the Ed Oliver Golf Club. The Delaware Avenue area has a lot of nice vending locations in stable neighborhoods. Hilltop and Trolley Square offer some potential too.

Second, there are neighborhoods east of I-95. Places like Midtown Brandywine and Trinity and the East Side and the Riverfront. For a city of 73,000 there sure are a lot of interesting sections to explore. Quaker Hill - Ships Tavern - and the Downtown area. There are a lot of nice locations near Bayard Square and West Hill, too.

The third main sector of Wilmington is north of the Brandywine River. Eastlake - Harlan and Brandywine Village highlight some of the unique and interesting places to look for great vending machine locations .

Wilmington area cities

Many vendors want to be in these areas. Cities like Pennyhill and Arden and Bellefonte and Carrcroft and Ardentown in the near northeast. Fairfax and Greenville further west. Elsmere and Stanton to the west of Wilmington. And Minquadale and Newport more to the south. I understand their reasons. Wanting to be close to the city - but not too close. Living closer to where their vending machine locations are. And there are advantages to living close to where you work. You learn quicker about the neighborhoods you service - you see the changes first-hand - you meet and become friends with your retail partners who provide the locations for your vending machine route.

Cities close - but further away from Wilmington

Although the Wilmington area is more and more falling victim to urban sprawl there are still lots of places with some land and open spaces. Lots of vending machine operators like locations even further from the bigger cities. While Wilmington itself is not really that large - the metropolitan area is. So locations like Delaware City - Newark - Kirkwood - Glasgow - these locations offer many profitable locations for your vending machines that are a bit more less urban. And they still have great access to a large customer base. You just have to know the spots that are hot - and the vending machine products that will sell there.

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