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Dover Vending Machine Locations

Named after Dover England in 1683 by William Penn - Dover Delaware is the second largest city in Delaware and county seat of Kent County. Dover has shown recent growth. In 2006 the population is estimated at about 35,000 people - up from 32,000 in 2000.

But more importantly, Dover is the capital of Delaware - which brings with it a lot of government and professional occupations. Around the country it is well known that there are certain advantages to incorporating in Delaware . As the state capital, many jobs related to this advantage have been created.

Dover is located on the St Jones River on the Delaware River coastal plain. It is just a short hop over to Delaware Bay - a popular venue for tourists, boaters and fishermen. Let's take a look at the different locations around Dover Delaware :

City of Dover Delaware

Dover is made up of about 55% white and just under 40% black residents. Its history is long and the architecture suggests this. The diverse population is located somewhat central in Delaware and is a little bit off the beaten path of the east coast traffic routes. Highway 1 does come to Dover out of Wilmington. But for the most part - Dover is a bit secluded. The expansive Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is to the northest on Delaware Bay. Also on Delaware Bay are the Little Creek Wildlife Area to the east, and the Ted Harvey Wildlife Area to the southest.

Dover Air Force Base is located two miles south of Dover. You can see the gigantic C-5s taking off and landing all hours of the day. These are the military version of the commercial Boeing 747s. Dover AFB also has other cargo planes like the Globemasters - C-17s, which used to be considered large until the C-5s and C-5As arrived. Dover AFB also has a couple Air Force Reserve Squadrons based there.

Dover AFB has its own region, according the the Census Bureau. Dover Base Housing is what it is called. There are probably three or four thousand residents. The Air Force Base provides almost half a billion dollars to the Dover economy, making it the third largest industry in Dover . The base is also nationally know for being the largest military mortuary services base in the country. It was used to help identify the 9/11 victims and the space shuttle Discovery and Columbia crews.

To the north of Dover are the cities of Smyrna - Leipsic - Bethel - and Middletown . Delaware Route 1 runs through the north on its way to Wilmington. The drive is scenic in spots. And these smaller towns make for nice spots to live, great family eateries and quality vending machine locations everywhere. Someone new to the vending machine business could do well here. Most types of vending machines can be profitable. And the less dense populations can mean less busy roads. So you can service your route by scheduling your vending machine servicing around peak traffic times. And alternate routes are easy to find to miss traffic snarls.

To the south of Dover are lots of additional vending machine locations to explore. Placement of vending machines has been successful in locations like Wyoming - Camden - Woodside and Harrington near Route 13. Taking Route 1 and Route 113 more to the east, quality vending machine placement can be found in locations like Milford - Georgetown and Magnolia . On the Delaware Bay is Lewes and Dewey Beach - a little far from Dover - but nice laid-back places to situate your vending machine business.

And further down the state, near Maryland is Selbyville and Fenwick Island. Now these are quite distant from Dover - but still in Delaware. These two towns have some potential vending machine locations - but placement there needs to be very selective. A lot of your vending business would come from tourists, and travellers near Delaware Bay. Also some back-to-nature folks that enjoy the water and animal refuges. Your vending machine route would need to adjust to seasonality factors. During hurricane season and in some parts of winter - vending machine sales could be slim. Only the best locations enjoy year-round sales and profits.

So while this webpage is entitled Dover vending machine locations , I really try to cover Dover and the other southern Delaware vending machine locations and opportunities. I hope some of this tells you a bit about what to expect here.

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