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Delaware is a great state for vendors. There's a lot of opportunity as it's is growing quickly.

A side benefit for vendors in Delaware is that major vending conventions are held in Philadelphia. Just up the road from you. You will benefit greatly by attending these. Do so at least once a year. You will learn a lot about trends in vending, and listen to successful vendors giving pointers on the "do's and don'ts" of this business.

Plus you'll get great prices from companies selling vending machines. Vendors who have been in the business for years tell me this is the best benefit of vending machine conventions.

Let's take a look now at the different sections of Delaware:


This is just a great area for any type of vending machine. It offers everything, from the University of Delaware, established middle class areas, a great Latino section to a large working class and urban section.

This diverse population helps you, as certain machines do well in certain population groups. Also business owner's here are receptive to new vendors.

Where I would locate would depend on the type of vending machine you have. The exception would be soda machines. They work well anywhere.

Give me a call, or email, and we'll discuss the best area for the type(s) of vending machine you own.

Route 1 Corridor:

This is a great area as the population is expanding so quickly. Every time that I drive down Route 1, I am amazed at all the new development.

But this area is not as diverse as Wilmington-Newark, so you have to be more selective in the type of vending machine you buy. Some machines do well here and others do not.

Make sure you talk with an experienced locator before buying your machines. They are on the street and know what machines are making money where.

Route 13 Corridor: 

Another area with good potential is along Route 13 between Dover and the MD line. But again, you'll need specific vending machines for this area as you do for Route 1.

And if your route is along this highway, consider going south to Salisbury, MD also. It's just across the state line and it's always been a great city for vendors.

Eastern Shore:

This is the most difficult area in Delaware for new vendors.

The beach area has been hit hard by vendors.

I know vendors who live here, who set up their routes along the Route 1 corridor. But if your goal is a small vending route of 30 machines or so, you'd save travel time and still make a good income by establishing your route in either Milford or Georgetown.


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