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Southeast D.C

Southeast DC is probably the most diverse section of DC. - From Capitol Hill to the Anacostia area. But it’s a great and overlooked area for vendors. Many vendors who live in the suburbs are afraid of being east of the Anacostia River, but there are really some great, safe areas there with lots of opportunities.

Southeast D.C. is the southeastern quadrant of Washington, D.C. It is located south of East Capitol Street and east of South Capitol Street. It has a rich cultural history, including the historic Anacostia neighborhood, the Navy Yard, the Anacostia River waterfront, the Eastern Market, and RFK Stadium. The quadrant is divided by the Anacostia River, with the northwestern half sometimes referred to as "Near Southeast".

The population of Southeast is mostly African-American, particularly east of the Anacostia River. There are certain middle class neighborhoods, such as Hillcrest, Penn Branch, and Fort Dupont which provide possible opportunities. And in the Eastern Market area, there are shopping, dining and entertainment locations.

Recently, some areas of the Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC have undergone a rebirth. In areas close to the Capitol Building, housing values have risen. In Eastern Market there are many restaurants and bars. The new Washington Nationals baseball stadium is scheduled to open in 2008.

The best areas I have found for new vending machine owners are along Pennsylvania Ave and south on Minnesota Ave.  

In summary, regardless of where you want your route in DC, you can make it as a new vendor. The type of vending machine you own will make a difference of what section of DC you want to get started in.


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